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  1. E

    When to move germinated seed into light?

    Hi, Sorry I haven't introduced myself. I plan to, but now I have an emergency question:1: I'm germinating a pineapple express seed. I screwed up the first one. I've used a rapid rooter for the second one, kept it moist and at 77* for the last 4 days. It has germinated and I can see the...
  2. G

    Anyone experimented with manipulating light & dark cycles?

    Hi, I have a grapefruit pheno of C-99 from FMS just starting to show flowers. The plant was one I kept in vegetation cycle to take some clones from....so it has been growing for a couple of months (kept small). It was kept on 24hrs light and I have used heavy LST and is about 8 or 9 inches...
  3. D

    Emergency Outdoor Transplant Indoor Or Big Mistake?

    I had been growing 2 plants outdoor. not set up 4 it and in hindsight not a smart idea. 2 many people. anyhow i kept them down as best i could,, june july aug all super duper then one showed it balls.... ok its gone.. the other kept going 2' x 4' wide with many weights holding it down and out...
  4. Justones

    Outside tents?

    Just curious how many people have tried growing in a tent kept outside? No lights, just sunshine. What was your setup & results?
  5. D

    How long will a mother last?

    Years ago, I had one mother that supplied all my clones and I kept her going for about 3 years. Her stem got thick and woody, but she kept on pumping out clones. My questions: Will the clones continue to be as good, even though mama is getting older? Would I be better off letting one...
  6. N

    Emergency - Brown spotted dying leaves 4-5 weeks into flower

    A buddy woke up alarmed as one of his plants is having trouble. Here is a link to a photo of a leaf: He said a large portion of the plant is affected in the same way. pH has been kept constant around 5.5-6.0 but I've seen it may be a nutrient deficiency. The strain is Berry Bomb it's in a...