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  1. C

    Watering question

    When people say "I water when the soil is dry up to my first knuckle" Does that mean everything deeper than the end of your finger is supposed to be still wet/moist? And also is the first knuckle the joint that is 2-3cm away from the base of your fingernail? I'm 3 days into flowering and the...
  2. B

    Leaves that look like they went around the corner - Twice!

    Hi all, I have not seen leaves do what I see them doing. To describe what it appears like use 1 of your index-fingers straight out. Using help with the other hand bend the finger down at the 2nd knuckle AND then again at the 1st knuckle (at your finger-tip knuckle.) The 1st bend is like a 90...
  3. Emilya

    The Proper Way To Water A Potted Plant

    The Proper Way to Water a Potted Plant Also covered: the importance of pH and why we successively up-pot How to Water Over the last several years I have put a lot of study into this, and I feel that I can now define the proper way to water a potted plant. Keep in mind that this discussion...
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