1. C

    Ladybug farming?

    Hey everyone i'm new to the boards here, but have found the posts i've read extremely helpful. Something I have been interested in trying, but have found little talk of, is keeping ladybugs around. I have done a little of my own research but am looking to get a few direct responses from...
  2. SolMJ

    Ladybugs - How long before they lay eggs?

    Hello 420, I have about 20 ladybugs in my grow room since about two weeks ago. They seem content & I've seen them mating. I'm currently having problems with spider mites & I know the larva are insatiable eaters. My question is how long does it take roughly before they start laying eggs after...
  3. T

    Spider Mites! Best Solution

    This is my first grow so its a steep learning curve for me. I have a small CGE garden with a handful of Sour D plants in 1 gallon pots They all seem to be healthy and doing well but i should have recognized the occasional speckled leaves. A few leaves here or there would die on me but i assumed...
  4. trichomes

    Must See Photo! Ladybug eating a live inchworm on my outdoor plant

    Ladybugs are massacring all inchworms & eggs on my outdoor plant as soon as I let them out! Are there any drawbacks to ladybugs used for eradicating pests? I get 1000 bugs for 6 bucks, they last up to 3 weeks! Thank you
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