1. rct420

    New Grower Need Help

    I have these under a 240w shop light with built in leds . But i came home tonight and I checked the closet and the one plant was completely leaning and the top was bent facing the light . So I put it in soil and now it looks like this. Will it correct itself or should I do something ?
  2. M

    Help with male or female identity

    Looking to see if this is male preflowers showing. im leaning towards male but just double checking. thank you
  3. O

    Male or female?

    Wondering if anyone can tell me if my plant is male or female. I'm leaning towards male.
  4. J

    Seedling is leaning against pot, doesn't seem strong enough to hold itself up?

    The root system doesn't seem to be growing as strong as the other plants under the same lights, 2x 125 actual watt lotus cfl's. The plants is leaning over on the pot and would otherwise fall over. It has been watered once the soil on top is completely dry. The other plants in the grow are...
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