Seedling is leaning against pot, doesn't seem strong enough to hold itself up?


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The root system doesn't seem to be growing as strong as the other plants under the same lights, 2x 125 actual watt lotus cfl's. The plants is leaning over on the pot and would otherwise fall over. It has been watered once the soil on top is completely dry. The other plants in the grow are growing well so I'm not sure what's happening with this one, please help! Thanks!




don't worry about it just prop her up with some thing and make sure get air movement she should straighten up nicely
The Soil is Jiffy Organic seed starting mix, used it on the last batch no issues, the nutrients are fox farms Grow Big (only used every 3rd water), The one I'm concerned about is Barney's Farm Critical, The plants have been germinate and planted about 2 weeks ago at the end of March. Thanks for the help so far!
:welcome: Welcome to 420 and you have certainly come to the right place. IMO for what it is worth... Just take a stick of some sort and prop her up and maybe tie her to the stick lightly and place a fan to blow on her softly and she will thicken up her stem. Kinda think of it like she was planted outside and in a breezy place... she will have to thicken up to withstand the breeze.... It should work for ya fine. If ya need some help you are more than welcome to hit the journal thread in my signature and if I do't know the answer I am certain some of the incredible peeps that pop through my journal will be able to help. Good green growing to ya....:circle-of-love:
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