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I have a less than a week old seedling that is about 3 inches tall with good leaf growth, it's got a big green set of leaves, with another set starting to grow. It's in a 6 inch diameter pot, six inches deep with8-12-8 pre fertilized soil. Ive only watered it once (yesterday) since it's first watering after germination. It was been a seedling for about a week. I am using a 150 watt light fixture placed about 1.5 feet above the plant.

The problem is the plant is actually starting to lean away from the light, twice. What I mean is it started a day ago, so I added more soil to help the plant stand straight, but even now that only 2 inches of stem is above the soil, it's leaning away from the light. I'm not sure of the type of plant it is unforetinayely. The leaves look very healthy, no drooping or yellow spots or curling and they continue to grow larger with new leaves growing in as well. Does anyone know why it might be leaning?

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Yes I do, not directly on it as it's pointed up towards the light to push the heat out towards my exhaust fan, but it does get air blowing on it as I can see it move in the breeze. The light is a 150 watt Hps sun system. I'm kinda thinking that the stem is just too weak at this point to hold up the leaves, they are a good size. At first I was only running a 50 watt hps on it and I wasn't sure how far to put the plant away from it in the beginning (first grow) so it stretched a bit. When I placed it closer before I upgraded lighting it stopped stretching, but was already 3.5 inches tall. Should I just use a tooth pick or something to hold it up for now? I will submit a pic when I'm at home (on phone won't let me upload one from it)
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I use small computer fans that point at my seedlings to give them a constant breeze. They move back and forth quite a bit and I've never had an issue with weak stems. I have the fan on them as soon as they break out of the seeds to give them a good start. I use a T5-HO fixture for seeds and clones (4 lights in a 24 inch housing) about 8-12 inches above them until I get a few leaves and then I drop it down to about 4-6 inches.

You may get away with a toothpick until the stem is thick/strong enough to support the rest of the plant. I've also been adding silica to my nutes, it helps strengthen the cell walls and I have had huge stalks and stems since using it.
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How long should a seedlings stem be with 2 sets of leaves on them? The second set are new and fairly small still? The seedling is only 1 week old.
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I'm not an expert on growing, but here are my results. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. The 1st pic is 5 days after germ, the 2nd is 7 days later, the 3rd is 7 days after that and the 5th is 2 days after that. So the time-line is 21 days from germ.


And here a few days before the chop:
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They are Caramelicious from AMS. They grew very fast, used Cutting Edge Solutions as my base nutes (their 3-part), had them under a T5-HO for veg and then under a pair of 300w LEDs from GLH. I am drying them now and should be putting them in jars today or tomorrow, so I will have a total dry weight soon (they were 1502gr of trimmed buds at the chop).

I will be starting a grow journal for the next round this week. I took a bunch of clones off of them and have 6 very large moms now as well.

I picked the strain because it is beginner friendly, and this was only my second grow.

I don't want to jack this thread, so I will start the grow journal bu the end of the week and recap my last grow with some lessons learned and changes/improvements I'm making.
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Thanks for your help man. As it turns out it just needed some water I believe. Once I watered it, it straightened right back up and has since really strengthened the stem. I also took your advice and turned the small fan I'm using more towards the plant. Based on your time period of photos, mine is right on track to growing as healthy and quickly as your have. Thanks again!
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