plant issue

  1. M

    First time grower

    Could someone please help me? My babies appear to be drooping and the tops drying out and I cant seem to find the problem. Im a first time grower doing SOG and its a true adventure. Recently I pruned away some fan leafs that were getting in the way of other plants and Im thinking of flipping...
  2. Km021

    New growth leaves are looking waxy shiny

    IdK why new growth is looking shiny waxy n leaves are looking deformed, its only with top of the plant . Could you please have a look to the photo n tell me what is going on with this plant? Thanks queen @Emilya
  3. G

    Need help with clones

    I have 3 clones I took from a critical + plant and have been doing great till I went to water today and some of the leaves on 2 of them are starting to get spots, yellowing and dying off. Any help trying to rectify the problem would be greatly appreciated!
  4. J

    Seedling is leaning against pot, doesn't seem strong enough to hold itself up?

    The root system doesn't seem to be growing as strong as the other plants under the same lights, 2x 125 actual watt lotus cfl's. The plants is leaning over on the pot and would otherwise fall over. It has been watered once the soil on top is completely dry. The other plants in the grow are...
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