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weak stem

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    Urgent - Browning/Yellowing On Leaves, Photos Attached - Please Diagnose!

    Today i noticed that a few leaves on one of my units has discolouration. I noticed it in the last few days, however, it wasn't until today that it became significant enough to cause worry. The first image is from the top of the unit, currently there is only one leaf that has this specific brown...
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    Seedling is leaning against pot, doesn't seem strong enough to hold itself up?

    The root system doesn't seem to be growing as strong as the other plants under the same lights, 2x 125 actual watt lotus cfl's. The plants is leaning over on the pot and would otherwise fall over. It has been watered once the soil on top is completely dry. The other plants in the grow are...
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    Weak stems but heavy leaves

    I just started on my plant its about 1 month old and planted on 10/18. But the stems are very weak while the leaves look alive. I was wondering if this was normal for a swag plant. I have it proped up with chop sticks and twist tie. I am using a 40 watt CFL light and a small fan. I started going...
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