leaves crisping

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    Seedling leaf tip discoloration and dying leaves

    Hi Everyone! Can you please tell me what is this discoloration on my seedling? The seedling is 34 days old counted from planting.There were two more nodes under these current nodes,but they got crackling dry and then dropped off. Also the tip of the bigger leaves on one side is turning...
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    Drying seedling leaves

    Hello everyone! My seedling's leaves are drying and I don't know why. It is a bag seed,unknown strain.Previously last year I grew a bag seed which happened to be a female.But I remember that when that plant was at this age,that didn't have anykind of leaf drying problems. It is at day 25 from...
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    First Grow - Almost over but suddenly problems - Please help!

    Hello guys, This is the first time I am growing. and my plant is in the 8th week of flowering. Everything was going perfect until 3-4 days ago. the plant was perfectly healthy and the buds were getting bigger and denser with more trichomes. The temperature of my grow box was always about...
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    Help plant has suffered severe heat stress how can it be saved?

    Yo is there any experienced growers that can tell me how too save my girl she's 4 weeks into flower under 650 watt hps. Have turned light down too 400 too reduce heat .Lots of the leaves on the plant have crisped up and curling up going brown and dieing. Can my plant be saved ? How can I revive...
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