led 900w

  1. Annabanana

    Anna's 3rd Time's A Charm - Fresh Start - Dr Kripplings

    My last journal attempt was scuppered by bad quality seeds. Now...after 6 orders and a nearly 3 month, frustrating wait, I've finally received some decent seeds.(Thanks to The Vault & The Seedsman!) So I'm gonna give it another whirl: SEEDLINGS: 10 x Incredible Bulk (Dr Krippling) FEM...
  2. PopoPipo

    Small Space - 900W LED - Moby Dick Pineapple Express Lowryder - 3rd Grow - With Love

    HELLOOO weed lovers! :Love: I am back with another grow and things are a bit different this time, but we'll get to that. First of all, if you haven't seen my other two grow journals, please check them out. I documented the whole preparation of my grow closet, and in this thread I will just...