lighting help

  1. Ydro93

    Pls Help! Not sure what type of light to use

    Good evening 420 community! Recently one of my bulbs went out I have a lot of spares here at home but I’m not sure if they are what my girls need. Currently my plants are in veg stage i planted the seedlings in sept 30. I will post a picture of the light bulbs I have at home. I appreciate any...
  2. Jae416ixside

    Best type of lights for my Bubble Bucket DWC - First grow

    Hi was wonder if anyone that had experience with the bubble bucket (dwc) grow. I'm doing 2 5gal buckets in a grow tent (size/pics) below. - Question is what is the best type of lights for my set up? Was thinking of 400w or 600w HPS MH w/ Cool tube Reflector but not sure any ideas/suggestions...
  3. L

    400W bulb 125W ballast

    Hey guys. So heres my situation. I bought a 125w set up and ended up changing the 125W bulb to a 400w bulb since I had 4 plants growing and knew i needed more wattage. What I didnt realize since indoor growing is new to me is that apparently my ballast is a 125W magnetic ballast. Iv had the 400W...
  4. K

    Growing in a 2 Room Basement?

    I have no idea about anything. My basement has 2 rooms, the first room is 15' x 9' and the second room is 14' x 12' (I figured the second room should be used for the flowering stage since it's bigger). Both rooms are 7' tall and that's to the ceiling. I like Sativa dominant strains but is 7'...
  5. S

    LED help!

    Hey guys, i have posted this on a few other websites but didn't get anywhere near as much help as i thought i would (a bit of attitude too!). Hey all, first post on this site, usually use another but there is way more info on LED lights here! Was just after a little bit of advice. I just...
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