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  1. mostarda

    420's First Soil - Indoor - Medical - LED - Mostarda Grow Journal - 2017

    3 seeds of Strain: Mandala #1 Breeder: Mandala Location: indoor, outdoor Type: indica/sativa Flowering: ~58 days No feminized seeds 1 seed of Strain: Northern Lights #9 Breeder: Sagarmatha Location: indoor Type: indica/sativa Flowering: ~55 days Normal or female seeds. 1 seed...
  2. R

    A History Of Hemp And Cannabis In Indiana

    Hemp, believe it or not, has a longstanding history in Indiana. Hemp seemingly grows all over the world, and there isn't a way to pinpoint its exact origins. In the 1800s, hemp was brought to the states and was widely used for clothing and cloth home goods. In fact, hemp was so common that is...