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  1. HayStack

    Great Site

    I have been visiting this site for over a year, so I figured it was time to actually join. There is a ton of information here, which is perfect for me since I am still pretty new at indoor growing. I'm currently trying to post a few pics and I can't seem to figure out how to upload photos. I...
  2. TorturedSoul

    Adding Content After HTTP Links in Posts

    If I include a live link in a post, and then go back to edit the post after submitting it (or while I'm still editing it, if I then switch to the advanced view), everything I type is underlined and in blue text (signifying a link). Clicking on the Preview button causes the same bug to appear...
  3. M

    Could I have an admin PM me or check the support email for my message?

    I'd PM myself, but i can't see where the PM link is, even when I click on the admins names here. I won't take much of your time.
  4. J

    Sex determination please

    Hey guys im almost 5 weeks in and i have 8 bbys but id say only 3 are ready for flower, can someone post a link to a site that has good descriptive pics on how to identify sex before starting to flower? I know what to look for basically but i just wanna be sure and know asap so i can get rid of...
  5. The Germinator

    Hello guys

    Can't seem to get my sig link to work :(
  6. CropKingSeeds

    Enjoy 20% Discount At Crop King For Cyber Monday!

  7. Cannafan

    Direct link to post numbers not working

    Hello, I've been having trouble with linking directly to a post in other threads for a month or so now. It seems that when I copy/paste the link after clicking on the post number, it drops the post number from the link when I paste it to a new post and submit it. It will go to the correct...
  8. B

    Time we put Obama's feet to the fire - I started a .gov petition

    Now is the time to pressure Obama on this issue. He's tried hard to ignore this issue for nearly 8 years so now we need to put his feet to the fire. If Hillary and the Democrats want our votes in November he needs to come out supporting legalization and Hillary needs to commit to supporting it...
  9. naphtali5725

    NC MMJ HB-983 petition

    link to petition P'etition . North Carolina State House: Pass House Bill 983 for Medical Cannabis in NC . Change.org HB-983 North Carolina General Assembly - House Bill 983 Information/History (2015-2016 Session)
  10. P

    Link my grow thread in sig?

    Can't find how to do this. I went into profile settings, I can insert the link but it's just the link instead of a title that you click. I see other members that have it but can't figure out how to do it.
  11. HealingKronic

    How To Put A Link To Your Grow In Your Sig

    Signature Tutorial Customizing your signature is easy to do. Signatures can be used to provide links to on-site threads such as your grow journal or photo member gallery. We do not allow links to product websites (unless they are to a paid sponsor), or other online communities and forums...
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