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    First Lowryder #2 - 600 Watt CFL - Closet Grow Newbie

    hey guys! this is my first grow ever. I am growing some lr2. I'll first start off with what I'm working with. I have already started the grow, I figured why not get some help :) Length of growth so far? day 16 (roughly) What strain is it? Lr2 Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro...
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    Lowryder#2 Grow In Trouble!

    hi, im growing Lowryder 2 fem's..under a 250 HPS in a closet with good vent/extract works done , and they are in trouble, by the pictures below you can see that im having yellow tips spreading into the whole leaf and killing them off, ive read up on it but cant seem to put my finger on the...
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