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  1. Ron Strider

    CA: Police - Pot Raid Highlights Growing Problem

    A major marijuana bust went down Thursday in the City of Industry. The raid uncovered a massive marijuana grow operation – nearly 20,000 plants valued at more than $50 million inside a warehouse on Fullerton Road. Eight men were arrested during the raid. Los Angeles County sheriff's...
  2. O

    Disability is not a bar to successful grows

    In fact, it may be a major motivation. Increasing disability that took me off the roads and mountains as an active competitor has given major benefits as well. Doing the best I can with what I have is the new mantra. (It was also the old mantra.) With some physical help digging and such and...
  3. T

    Where is the best soil from - Home Depot, Walmart, Ronas etc

    Looking for the best soil from local stores I live near almost every major store just not sure what would be the best choice
  4. K

    Jamaican Scientists Close To Creating Affordable Hepatitis C Drug From Cannabis

    Kingston, Jamaica — Research scientists say they have discovered properties in Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the major bioactive compounds in the cannabis plant, that have the potential to provide affordable treatment as nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals for hepatitis C. Information on the new...
  5. K

    Sleeping Giant And Major Hemp Collaborate On New Hemp-Seed Beer

    Hemp can't get you high, but its association with marijuana is exciting to plenty of people in the craft-beer industry, which has been swept up in the nationwide interest in all things cannabis. In February, a Colorado Springs hemp supplier called Major Hemp, in partnership with Denver's...
  6. K

    There Should Be Some Major Sales On Marijuana Edibles In Colorado Soon

    New packaging rules for Colorado edibles take effect on Dec. 1, and that means companies will have to unload their current inventories over the next couple months. Wanda James, owner of Simply Pure, expects the sales to start later in November, according to Marijuana Business Daily. The...
  7. N


    Good morning and a :peace: out to all you fine ladies and gentleman at 420mag. this is my first post and my first grow in 10 years. I was arrested 10 years ago and swore I would never do that again :rolleyes3. I suffer from Chron's, plus I have major nerve and tendon damage in my left hand. I...