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  1. D

    First time grower - is it a male?

    Hi. This is my first time time growing. I started without any knowledge (had a bag of random seeds I've collected from my buds throughout the years), but managed to geminate 3 seeds nearly 7 weeks ago. Since then I read a lot (you guys are amazing! Been lurking these threads and have learned a...
  2. M

    This plant is a male, right?

    Even if i think I know the answer, but still wanna confirm it. Male right?
  3. Nittaman

    Nittaman First Growing: Soil, Sunlight In Balcony

    Hello, this is my first grow on soil. Its now 6weeks from germination. I just took the seed on my cannabis i bought, so i even dont know the strain. Now i had topped the 6th node. I hope its a female. the soil i am using is mixture of Compost2:Peatmoss2: perlite1:vermiculite1. I grow my...
  4. Nittaman

    My first grow on soil: can you help me identify if my plant is male or female please?

    Hello this is my first experience growing cannabis on soil. My cannabis is 6weeks now from germination' I had realized that some kind of preflower? Is showing. I am not sure if its even a preflower. If it is, can someone teach me its a male or female please? I tryed my best but my camera...
  5. X50-17A-INCH.jpg


    This is a Female Auto Flower that had a female in the tent cross sex. That was removed, destroyed, tent sprayed and 5 other healthy plants removed, sprayed. 30 hrs have passed and no sign of cross contamination on any of the other plants.
  6. G

    Male or female

  7. D

    Male or female?

    Hey everyone I’m allmost positive it’s a male :( but just wanted to make sure and check with you guys! Thanks!!
  8. E

    Male or Female?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been growing some seeds found in my outdoor grow last year and trying to determine if one is a male early in the vegetative state. The plant shot up in height much faster then others germinated at the same time which I understand is a common thing with male plants. Can...
  9. Momma's Kitchen

    Making babies?

    Ok let’s talk about sex? Haha no... let’s talk about just the seed :p I am germinating 50 unfem seeds. Ok some will be boys and others bad ass bitchs lol So if I wanted to make seeds how do I do it? I get separate the sexes, how do u make seeds ... on purpose? I’ve read a lot, but just...
  10. Bonding


    I can't for the life of me harvest the pollen, so I am hoping that they do their own thing and I don't contaminate the neighbourhood. How far can pollen travel?
  11. HugePeckerhead

    First grow ever: please help sex!

    So this is my first grow ever. I have one plant under LED lighting. It's nearly 8 weeks old and stands 2 ft from bottom of vase to the top. Now that I'm flipping to 12/12 I wanna know if he is a she or she is a he. hahaha I've named her Peggy at germination for luck. Any help or details maybe...
  12. CamarilloBril

    Tangerine Dream: Male, Hermie, or just Calyxes?

    Grow Space: 600mm Wide X 600mm Deep X 1200mm Tall cupboard Light: 250w HPS Growing Medium: Soil Plants: Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream, Pineapple Chunk & Herbie's Headshop Bad Azz Kush (all feminized, photo-period) Special Note: Plants have been "Manifolded" It's a bit late for help on this one...
  13. C

    Male or female?

    Is that male guys please help?
  14. 1BD213DA-4216-4B00-A75C-3E751F6EF91C.jpeg


    Confirmed male parts ? From The one white widow x atf I had to sadly throw away .
  15. C

    First grow! Need help determining gender

    Hi! I’m growing my first set of plants and I am pretty sure this one is male. One plant out of my 4 definitely looks different than the rest, but I am looking for confirmation before I cut it down.
  16. White cookie 3.jpg

    White cookie 3.jpg

  17. White cookie 2.jpg

    White cookie 2.jpg

  18. White cookie 4.jpg

    White cookie 4.jpg

    White cookie 4
  19. White cookie male01.jpg

    White cookie male01.jpg

    june 5 2018. I got this in my grow room
  20. White cookie male01.jpg

    White cookie male01.jpg

    june 5 2018. I got this in my grow room
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