1. N

    Pretty sure I have cannabis allergy!

    So...after 3 plus decades of no weed I jumped right in and now one grow under my belt (approx. 1 lb dry weight ). I have gone by the initial sensitization ie: not being able to walk after a couple hits. So one of the worst things about cultivating is well err excesses! I am so into the...
  2. N

    Help first grow?

    Ok I'm getting my seeds soon and I'm going to be using fox farms soil for an outdoor grow I was wondering do I need to manage my ph in my water and if I do how do I manage rainwater ph? And also when do I start feeding my plants with nutes and got any suggestions for nutes?
  3. Mr. Krip

    Mr. Krip's Grow Schedule Manager Download

    MR. KRIP'S GROW SCHEDULE MANAGER - FLOWER/BLOOM CYCLE Several people have requested copies of the spreadsheet I use to track my perpetual grow where I have up to 24 plants in the flower tent at any one time, and all plants are started at different dates. :420: was kind enough to make it...
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