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    CBD Dream bud (Crop King Seed)
  2. B

    Let's create an open source GrowBox!

    Hi I have studied about indoor growing and I have tried to create a DIY automated controller for indoor grow with arduino. I have seen a lot of projects that they try to do that but all of them is either old or they have a lot of bugs and it is difficult to scale the code if you want to do...
  3. M


    Hey guys, My name's Amanda, I'm from Texas. I'd love it even more if they decided to legalize my herbs♡ This April will be my first time attending the Cannabis Cup♡♡♡ I'm 26 yrs old, I'm only here to get the 411 on what's going on since I work all the time and forget to check the news lol I...
  4. K

    Pineapple Skunk a Regular Fixture in the Garden - 100% LED Grown

    Hello everyone, this is my new Journal of a Pineapple Skunk plant. I run a perpetual garden and, every week I add two or three more plants depending on the cycle. I run 72 plants pulling 2-3 a week. I use a soil base system of 75% coco and 25% perilite. I use a boost bloom magical thrive alive...
  5. RojoLoso

    Cookies|Atomic Northern Lights - The Undertaking Of My First Grow!

    Warm Welcomes :welcome: As a noob I wanted to open my VERY FIRST GROW up to the forums to document and to obtain as many helpful tips, advice, and any insight possible from such a diversely knowledgeable community:adore:! Starting off with a few clones to get my feet wet in hopes to gain...
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