1. Funkygrower


    why are the veins in my plants turning yellow/white??. I just gave them a small does of Advanced Nutrents grow,micro,bloom. Should I add in a small shot of some cal mag?. Using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil. Thanks
  2. Blkhippiee

    Week 5 Veg: Indoor Home Grow

    So now we’re entering week 5 of Veg. Starting to notice the undergrowth rising up and forming nice looking colas. I’ve been tying down the larger taller branches to allow more light to hit the middle area. I’ve also noticed the branches and main stem thickening. So far so good.
  3. Corinne420

    Corinne420’s Confusing Northern Lights Soil Grow

    Good morning all you beautiful people out there. I hope you woke up with a smile on your face and a joint in hand. I want to start off by saying I’m journaling about a grow that has already been harvested. We did things wrong on our end and not knowing what the heck was going on with these...
  4. CBD-Bud-CKS.jpg


    CBD Dream bud (Crop King Seed)
  5. B

    Let's create an open source GrowBox!

    Hi I have studied about indoor growing and I have tried to create a DIY automated controller for indoor grow with arduino. I have seen a lot of projects that they try to do that but all of them is either old or they have a lot of bugs and it is difficult to scale the code if you want to do...
  6. M


    Hey guys, My name's Amanda, I'm from Texas. I'd love it even more if they decided to legalize my herbs♡ This April will be my first time attending the Cannabis Cup♡♡♡ I'm 26 yrs old, I'm only here to get the 411 on what's going on since I work all the time and forget to check the news lol I...
  7. K

    Pineapple Skunk a Regular Fixture in the Garden - 100% LED Grown

    Hello everyone, this is my new Journal of a Pineapple Skunk plant. I run a perpetual garden and, every week I add two or three more plants depending on the cycle. I run 72 plants pulling 2-3 a week. I use a soil base system of 75% coco and 25% perilite. I use a boost bloom magical thrive alive...
  8. RojoLoso

    Cookies|Atomic Northern Lights - The Undertaking Of My First Grow!

    Warm Welcomes :welcome: As a noob I wanted to open my VERY FIRST GROW up to the forums to document and to obtain as many helpful tips, advice, and any insight possible from such a diversely knowledgeable community:adore:! Starting off with a few clones to get my feet wet in hopes to gain...
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