Pineapple Skunk a Regular Fixture in the Garden - 100% LED Grown

Hello everyone, this is my new Journal of a Pineapple Skunk plant. I run a perpetual garden and, every week I add two or three more plants depending on the cycle. I run 72 plants pulling 2-3 a week. I use a soil base system of 75% coco and 25% perilite. I use a boost bloom magical thrive alive add 27 and silica with RO water currently running at .6 EC for the last three weeks. That I flood the root system with like hydro. I water twice a day 5min on 4min off 5min on every other day and three times a day the other days. With Lush Lighting LEDs in the Veg Room and Flowering room. Hoping to let everyone know that it can be done, and done well with only LED's.

Pineapple Skunk Week 1

Pineapple Skunk Week 1

Pineapple Skunk Week 1 top looking down

Pineapple Skunk Week 1
Re: Pineapple Skunk a regular fixutre in the garden. 100% LED Grown

Week 2 update from the pineapple skunk. week three wont be around until 6/27 or so.

Pineapple Skunk Low Flash Day 14 of flower

Pineapple Skunk Week 2

Pineapple Skunk Week 2

Pineapple Skunk Week 2 top looking down

Pineapple Skunk Week 2 No flash
Greetings everyone, I am uploading Pics to the site now and will update my journals ASAP, I apologize for the non posts but I had a bit of a family matter to attended to and then was at the Canna carnival In Maine and toured around VT, NH and Mass area to talk to some of the other Medical growers in the area. All is well on the Family front and had an Awesome time getting out there and meeting so really great people. I hope to meet some more of you when I go to Seattle. Also look for my Journal coming in next week of The cup winning strain of Girl Scout Cookies. I personally cant wait to watch these ladies grow.
Hello everyone, I am back and here is the week three update for the pineapple skunk, again I thank you for your patience and understanding.

pineapple skunk week 3

pineapple skunk week 3

pineapple skunk week 3

pineapple skunk week 3

pineapple skunk week 3
Pineapple Skunk week 5 update

pineapple skunk week 5

pineapple skunk week 5

pineapple skunk week 5

pineapple skunk week 5
hello my friends, week 6 going up. damn how the time flies

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6- up close on some buds

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6- nice lookin bud

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6-

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6- full plant shot

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6- full plant shot

Pineapple Skunk- Week 6- full plant shot
alright my friends here is week sevens update

Pineapple Skunk- Week 7- Nice pic of a bud

Pineapple Skunk- Week 7- Another Bud pic

Pineapple Skunk- Week 7- Side shot of this great lady

Pineapple Skunk- Week 7- Nice wide shot of this girl
Hello everyone, man its been a good week with the parents in town, and we are at Week 8 already for this lovely lady my how time flies. She will be coming down soon but we have a clone of her coming still so she lives on

Pineapple Skunk- Week 8- Nice shot of this lady

Pineapple Skunk- Week 8- A nice branch and group of buds

Pineapple Skunk- Week 8- Another nice shot of this lady
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How did this grow turn out?

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