Finished Plants 100% LED Grown

Good job. + reps
Hello Kushington Farms! I love your journals, very direct and to the point. I am new to 420mag this is my first post, i've read thru this journal twice as well as KingJohnC's using Lush LED, B.I.D.'s and Icemud's current journals using a different sponsor. Im trying to decide on which company to go with, but realize you can probably only comment on the ones is this journal which is understandable.

So my specific questions are: Would there be a quantity & quality difference between using the Dominator and the Dominator 2x. Is it just to allow for varying growing style like lower and higher ceilings. I understand they are the same diodes just different lenses and the 2x are more focused down allowing for a more direct intense coverage if you choose and need to be hung higher heights from canopy, so theoretically would you be able to get the same PAR and intensity from each one you just need to hang them at different heights. I have a 6' basement like area that is around 16'x30' so have the potential to do a larger scale grow like i want if i can make it work with the 6 foot height limitation. The dominator seems more fitting of course but wonder if i would be sacrificing quality and quantity compared to the dominator 2x.

Thank you so much for any consideration and to 420mag as well for providing a venue to allow us to learn from more experienced people.
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