Finished Plants 100% LED Grown

What's everyone smoking on today? Power Kush for me but that's really neither here nor there. I'm making a journal of some of my finished plants that are 100% LED grown. Every week I will add two or three more plants depending on the cycle. I run 72 plants pulling 2-3 a week. I use a soil base system of 75% coco and 25% perilite. I use a boost bloom magical thrive alive add 27 and silica with RO water currently running at .6 EC for the last three weeks. That I flood the root system with like hydro. I water twice a day 5min on 4min off 5min on every other day and three times a day the other days. With Lush Lighting LEDs in the Veg Room and Flowering room. Hoping to let everyone know that it can be done, and done well with only LED's


Mighty Grape Ape

Blue Lemon Thai

Blue Widow

Blue Widow tops

Critical Jack Herer


Skunk #1

Skunk #1 tops

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel tops

White Widow

White Widow tops

Mighty Grape Ape
Hi Kushingtonfrm,

Beautiful plants! Thanks for sharing!

Curious - what wattage LED's your using? With 72 plants, and some getting 6 ft. tall, you must have a lot of lights? Can you share some details?

Thanks in advance,
I have 11 435 watt lights (equal to 1000w HPS) and 5 smaller 190w (equal to 600w HPS) 5 smaller lights equal to 3 1000w HPS lights (using math that I know doesn't convert perfectly but close enough) in a 12x18 grow space. each light cast a 4x4 just like 1000w hps does. figuring I run 14 HPS lights or 16 LED of equivalent production in a 12x18 space that's 3 lights for ea 12x4 12 lights for 12x16 and the two extras to cover corners and get total room coverage in a 12x18 room. so in some ways yes I have two rooms that size of about 32 LED lights but when compared to 28 1000w hps lights need to cover the same space. Id say no I don't really have any more lights than you should
These two are the latest two plants I cropped this week. They are Aspen OG which I broke the center stalk by accident during low-stress training so it got lollipopped. and A critical Kush plant that I had a journal for

Huge Top Cola Critical Kush

Critical Kush hanging out

Before harvest Critical Kush

Aspen OG

Aspen OG Tops
Thank you everyone. Yes LED has arrived in my opinion. King John they are 1,100 each for big ones and 550 for little ones. a big one covers a 4x4 spread. Plug and go lights and yes they are pricy but they offer a 90 day money back guarantee. 3 year warranty and they are good for ten years.
The lights you see in my other journals are multi purpose veg and flower lights so its only light you need. they also have a heavy blue veg light if you have a flower and veg room like I do. it runs on 290w so I use it cause its less watt and I only veg in that room so the extra isn't really needed. but if you only have one room the big 435w lights does both. and quite well too. :)
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