1. 20220717_091843.jpg


    Big Jack Widow autoflower DAY 54 ABOVE GROUND
  2. 20220717_091935.jpg


    Big Jack Widow Auto DAY 54 ABOVE GROUND
  3. 20220712_090354.jpg


    BJW Auto 49 D above ground
  4. 20220707_073247.jpg


    Big Jack Widow 52 D
  5. 20220707_073311.jpg


    Big Jack Widow 52 D
  6. 20220707_073406.jpg


    Big Jack Widow 52 days above ground
  7. Krissi Carbone

    Bigger Than Big, Better Than Best: A Weed Seeds Express Big Jack Widow Auto Grow Under The Maxsisun MG3000 Using Prescription Blend

    I won the @Maxsisun MG3000 a few months back in a contest here. I ran a journal but it became interuptted and I didn't feel as if I did our sponsor good justice. In addition, I had an empty tent and Big Jack Widow seeds that have not been harvested yet. This strain hermied on me back back...
  8. Krissi Carbone

    Chi-Chi's Story: A Gelato Auto Grow Featuring 4 Of Our Fantasic Sponsors

    Another day another sunrise friends. And here's to another journal. Little side project as I am re-running a Gelato auto. Anyone who remembers back in December, I had a Big Jack Widow hermie and hermie my 2 Gelatos. I saved some of their mains even seeded and the smoke was intense and so...
  9. 20220323_220704.jpg


    Bbgum #2 Viv
  10. 20220324_213126.jpg


    Mixed Autos Day 64 Candy
  11. 20220324_213134.jpg


    Mixed autos Day 64 Candy
  12. 20220314_112646.jpg


    Candy girl Autos Day 53 Bubblegum #2, Blueberry #2, Fruit #1
  13. Krissi Carbone

    The Candy Factory: A Maxsisun MG3000 3X Auto Run Of Fruit, Blueberry & Bubblegum - Using Prescription Blend Nutrients

    Oh hello again! The time is near for a new journal!!! We will be running 3 autoflowers under my brand new @Maxsisun MG 3000!! I won this light in a giveaway here on :420:and this journal will be showcasing its 300W vegetative power in a complete revamp of my existing veg tent light set up! I...
  14. Veg room

    Veg room

  15. Maxsisun

    Maxsisun LED Grow Light Discussion

    Hello 420 Magazine members,:cheer::cheer: Thank you very much for supporting us and sharing your experiences with Maxsisun before we’re here. As you know, we can’t grow cannabis in China. If you can send us pictures or videos of your grow journal, that would be thankful. WHY CHOOSE US...
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