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  1. LEDRF

    Frosty Mephisto Autos & More: Perpetual, COB LED, Coco Drip System

    Hey, so I'm back in action with a new auto grow. I bought a house, so now I can do the perpetual auto grow in the 8x8 tent, and in the 5x5 tent go for the 3 pounds off the Goliath. I will also be growing different photo periods in that tent. For those that don't know me, I grew a 2.9 pound...
  2. LEDRF

    Frosty Auto Mephitso Grow Perfect Sun Goliath & COB LED Coco

    Hey, welcome to my new grow journal. I'm looking to get some frosty autos that test 25% or higher. That is my goal, to beat 25% thc with autos. Here is the info of the grow and the first videos. Lights: Perfect Sun Spectrum Goliath and COB Medium: Pure coco 8x4 area, 16 plants...