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    This morning all seeds down and in towels let us pray
  2. potanna

    Top & LST - Delay the progress?

    Hey guys, this is my 2nd grow with 60d lemon and strawberry sour diesel. So i want to top/lst the plants but i am worried if these methods are going to delay the progress and if so for how long? and if you have also any tips about these methods, cause it will be the first time to try them...
  3. Ron Strider

    French Ex-Drugs Squad Chief Faces Cannabis Smuggling Charges

    The former head of France's anti-narcotics agency has been charged with complicity in drug smuggling as part of an inquiry into controversial methods used by the police to bring down drug barons, legal sources have said. François Thierry was charged on Thursday with complicity in the...
  4. GoodTimesSlim

    Experiment - Literally Smoke Your Weed

    So I've been seeing lots of articles and people talking about drying and curing weed. Seen methods that take months, seen methods to microwave a fresh cut bud so it can be smoked. Anyways, anyone got a back yard smoker and want to try drying buds over it?? Maybe it works. Have some...
  5. D

    Help needed with different growing methods?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to learn more about the different methods of growing. I'm more looking for what the EC/PPM levels and the watering regimes should be for them all? I've read around :reading420magazine: but can't find anyone that clearly explains them all. Any help for me? :idea:
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