1. Angel413

    Help! Weed plant trichomes turning amber and pistils are white I don’t know what to do

    Strain: jack herer
  2. T

    Close up pics of trichomes - Should I start chopping?

    Day 56 since switching to 12/12. 4 different strains. Cookies Kush, Northern Lights x Big Bud, Hash Bomb, medi bomb. The pictures of the trichomes were taken today. There are a couple of bud shots from a few days ago. Do you think these are ready to come down? Any help greatly appreciated...
  3. H

    is it time to harvest? - Pics

    This was switched to 12-12 a little after 420. Flushed about a week ago. Sorry for crappy picture, was the best I could get.
  4. senorpeaches

    Let it Be or

    greetings Basic Data: Indica/Sativa Blend (Ice-unknown other) 100% Outdoor 15 gallon container Blessed to have beautiful blooms on one of my outdoor ladies, but dealing with yellowing leaves in the last 10 days. They began to yellow from the bottom in a classic nitrogen deficient manner...
  5. Z

    Maui Waui trichomes

    :rollit: My Maui Waui plant's trichomes are mostly all cloudy with a few amber (5-10%). Can these be placed into darkness to rush the trichomes? I need to leave and do not have anyone to care for them. Please help me. Will this work? I also have Short Ryder's and they are turning purple...
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