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  1. super13star

    Kate Kush Indoor Coco Grow Various Strains

    Bucket Size - Currently #1 Medium - Coco + perlite Lights - Currently 1 mh Nutrients - Mills + advanced Strain(s) - BubbaKush, SourKush, GG#4, Hawgs breath, GoldenStraw # of Plants: 7 + clones Hoping this will turn out alright. These are monster cropped clones taken a few weeks ago with more...
  2. P

    Papa Wheelie's First Grow - Love Potion #9 Indoor Monster Crop Scrog

    Papa Wheelie's first grow indoor monster crop scrog I was fortunate to get a couple of clones from a friend late last summer. I put them in a flower box on my deck and they did very poorly do to lack of sun attention and growers knowledge. At the end of the season they were in flower with...
  3. A

    Aurora Indica - My First Grow

    I got bored and decided to throw this up so everyone can see how my first grow is going. First off a little info on the strain I'm growing: STRAIN: Aurora Indica THC CONTENT %: Up to 22% CBD %: Up to 0.1% INDICA / SATIVA %: 90% / 10% INDOOR YIELD: 10 to...
  4. Dinsdale

    Dinsdale's Perpetual Grow - Exotic Thai - Flo - NYC Diesel & More

    Hello everybody! Here's a quick introduction. I'm a home grower since December and I learned a lot on this forum. I don't really care about yield, because I vape about 5g per month and I harvested about 50g in April (my first ever indoor grow). So even with low yields, I still harvest more than...