1. H

    The Stinkbud Way

    Harvest a pound every three weeks! The Stinkbud way I've decided that, when I get moved to my new place, this is the way I'm going to go. I don't want to resurrect a zombie thread but I do have a few questions. It appears that stinkbud has moved on for at least a while so I can't ask him...
  2. andIhalped

    Why I never spray for pests

    In my ragged corner of the continent, we usually have little problem with spider mites in normal summers, but we had a hot & dry one & in came the mites, not only on the cannabis, but just about everything else in the garden, too. I did my usual, hosing down on plants w/ water, which knocks...
  3. J

    New grower seeking insight!

    Hey guys, My name is Joshua and I am a new grower. I started process using seeds I acquired from a mixture of places (friend who was growing and my dad who had a few). Having said that, I am unsure what strain my plants are. I started the process by germinating them in moist paper towel around...
  4. I

    Yellow leaves

    Hi all, could anyone help me with this problem please? - CFL 300W, 55cm above plants, - plants were in small pods (moved to bigger after yellowing) - plants stopped growing for a week, so due to small pods I considered fertilizing (amount due to manual) I moved them to the bigger pod and it...
  5. Rider509

    420 White Widow fem - Day 10

    These seeds germinated in water very quickly. Moved to sphagnum pucks until roots emerged.
  6. Sneakygreen

    Sneaky's White Widow x Big Bud Outdoor Feminized

    Welcome to my second grow journal! I have picked out my number 1 WWXBB seedling From herbies female seeds which I had 100% success rate germinating soaked for 24hrs in cup of water then into paper towel till about 1.5cm tap root. Moved into a solo cup of canna pure coco 4 weeks ago...
  7. M

    Black Kush - First Time Growing

    Hey there, So I had started a grow about a month ago with 2 bagseed plants, after tremendously messing up and causing the plants to stop growing I decided to scrap them. I decided to try again and this time I bought 20 Black Kush seeds from So here it begins, after...
  8. C

    Grow Journal - First Time Grow Outdoor

    First time grow, Would love some of you to walk me thru and give me advise starter with 5 sour diesel sativa seeds started seeds in cup of water for 18 hours moved into wet paper towel to sprout. took about 3 days planted into these starter cups , 3 came up. 2 did not one got...
  9. KannabisKid

    What's Up Nashville

    Just moved to Nashville a few months ago. Moved from Seattle a few years ago. Its been awhile since ive been on the site. Anybody out there from Nashville want to show a transplant around?
  10. P

    Is it ok to move sick leaves out of the way so branches underneath it can grow?

    A lower leaf of my early miss auto has phosphorus deficiency and it was blocking a branch with leaves from getting light so i moved the leaf out of the way did i do the rite thing ? The leaf i moved is the big one in the front with with yellowing in the picture
  11. T

    New Member

    HELLO EVERYBOBY!!!!!I just moved to Pueblo CO. :420::high-five:
  12. J

    New in Austin

    Hi 420 family! I have often visited this site for pictures and news on cannabis etc, but this is my first post. I have always enjoyed the reading here because of the fact that people here post real knowledgeable information. So how about letting me in on some of the knowledge here in...
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