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    Mutant seems to be pulling through lol
  2. Mad growth

    Mad growth

    Cut of a mutant dawg pound male.
  3. PC3.JPG


    Mutant Peyote Critical
  4. Budlet


  5. Screenshot_20191005-111149_Gallery.jpg


    this "airbud", is a c1 clone of ww xtrm. the mother was injured, when a broken ph pen (hana labratories, 5yr old sensor) caused a false reading, shooting the ph, well above the norm. made the stretch, long n thin, with a leaf mutation. there was no veg beyond the clone tank.
  6. Z

    Anyone familiar with this type of mutation?

    This is a photo strain from Green House Seed Co called The Doctor seen here at day 13 from seed. I have two more of the same strain growing at different rates but with normal leaf structure whereas, if you notice, these leaves are trident and symmetrical. Not that I have much experience growing...
  7. Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian #1 mutant

    Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian #1 mutant

  8. Two headed!

    Two headed!

    Sometimes strange mutations occur . This is one of my projects , Black Durban Poison x Sour Diesel x Peruvian #1
  9. FoNz

    Northern Lights Autos: FoNz's Fabulous First Grow

    Hello everyone, First off I'm very excited to contribute here but also to learn from growers with experience in growing these intriguing plants! What brought me here was to have an outlet for sharing my grow setup and progress. This journal will follow my first Cannabis grow from it's current...
  10. 20180512_091304.jpg


    Hazeman Pine Tar Kush actually 79 Xmas Bud leaf mutation oddity.
  11. 20180305_203209.jpg


    Hazeman Pine Tar Kush aka 79 Xmas Bud leaf variegation oddity phenotype.
  12. 20190110_204244 (2).jpg

    20190110_204244 (2).jpg

    Jellium - mutant
  13. 20190110_204224 (2).jpg

    20190110_204224 (2).jpg

    Jellium - mutant
  14. P

    Mutant Haze seedlings - Any help?

    Hi I recently sprouted some Haze seeds that I bought online from one of the Amsterdam companies. The seeds were put into jiffy pods in a seedling box under a LED 23 watt light...nothing unusual. All five sprouted quickly with leggy growth that immediately stopped as soon as the initial leaves...
  15. mutant haze.jpg

    mutant haze.jpg

    mutant haze seedling
  16. TheFertilizer

    Mutant plant

    I thought I would share some pictures of this mutant plant I have been growing. Supposed to be Frankenberry, it was a rather premature looking bagseed. At this point I am really interested to see what it does, so far not one leaf it's out in is normal
  17. A

    Problem - Mutation

    Hi all. This is my first grow, with 2 plain unfeminized gift seed. both ladies. One of my ladies is more Indica dominant (short spaces between internodes and wider leaves). The other lady is more Sativa dominant (longer spaces between internodes and longer, pointier leaves). Now, the last few...
  18. A

    Mutation? Flowering petioles and leaves!

    Hi all! This is my first grow and i have 2 flowering plants in their 5th week of flowering (one is more Sativa dominant and the other, more Indica dominant). During the last few days I started noticing that the Sativa one is showing signs of flowering on the stem of the leaf, and was wondering...
  19. B

    Siamese conjoined twins?

    Hello 420 community. New to the online growing gangs. Am a trained agronomist and Bioengineer so now appreciate the science behind plants. Also been a life-long MJ disciple :-) Anyway I started my 1st indoor grow tent set up and the BlueDream Auto from THSeeds is 3-4 weeks old and baffling...
  20. L

    Think i have a mutant. need advice

    so im growing an auto lowryder femanized ( regular not #2) and instead of growing its lefs in sets of 2 its growimg in sets of 3. anyone know why? is it good nad or neither? im hoping more sets means more flowers? and do i need to treat it any different than i would a normal auto? this is my...
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