mystery seeds

  1. JinxMeTwice

    Jeremy The Jinx's Canadian Closet Grow: 300W LED Soil

    Hello, everyone! Started some seeds going a little more then a month back in build up to Canadian legalization. Now that I've finally got some nice progress to show and have got the rest of my grow closet just about set-up to something that will hopefully keep me and my plants happy for the...
  2. Asesino85

    Asesino's Mystery Girl and Clones ScrOG - Coco Coir

    First off let me start by saying again what a great community this is and to thank everyone for also sharing their grows so we can all learn off each other. I wouldn't be where I am in terms of growing without the support of some of the people that I've watched and read from. I have also been...
  3. Sharksbreath

    Sharkbreath's Mystery Grow!

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member here. I've always been a fan of 420 magazine and browsed the forums to help myself learn as much as possible about growing marijuana. This is my first serious grow, I ordered 5 White Widow fem and 5 Snow White fem seeds from Nirvana. They also sent me 10 free...
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