1. L


    What should i do friends? i think its over stressed. but i'm close to 9 week. there is still white pistils everywhere and with nanners.
  2. 20210807_113810  TCK harvest nanners.jpg

    20210807_113810 TCK harvest nanners.jpg

    Tin Can Kush harvest, flip day 75 Total days 176
  3. 20180602_163129.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  4. TheBlaze

    Nanner vs Herm

    Hi Could someone please explain (in detail) the difference between nanners and a plant that has turned hermie? Thanks!
  5. D

    Harvest help! Must be nanners - Advice please

    Day 69 flower (photo) I took a small nug yesterday to get a good look at resin glands and of course sampled the goods. I found an undeveloped seed, only one, now I really don't know what to do. The plant is still pushing white pistils and appears to be starting to crown with new fox tails. The...
  6. H

    What to do with male female plant?

    So I had this male. Didn't know it was a male, cloned "mother" during veg, and set the clone to flower. As soon as sacs appeared, I pulled the "mother," who I will be referring to as father hence forth. Little male clone in flowering room, TOTALLY secluded from other females, in order...
  7. R

    Herm from light stress or genetics

    Hello, I have some ladies 4 weeks into flower, i noticed some seed pods and later a herm. i removed the herm from the bunch and havent found any more. i noticed a small light leak from my door that has been fixed, also my new controller had a red led interface that could cause some...
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