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  1. D

    Is my plant an autoflower or photoperiod? It's been 36 days

    Hello fellow growers, I planted 3 seeds 36 days ago thinking they were autoflower seeds, but 2 of the plants don't seem to be showing any signs of pisil hairs so I am starting to think they might be photoperiods instead. I started a different strain at the same time and it started showing hairs...
  2. celticlyle

    Hey guys new grower with new grow come critique and offer help or advice please

    :51: Hey guys and girls long time medicinal and social /gamer infusing toker here just wanted to share my little grow and hopefully get some tips so i grow some nice dank bud! I have grown a few times over the years the last time being around 10 years ago so I am pretty new to growing you could...
  3. K

    Back At It Again! Master Kush & Sour Diesel

    What’s sup everybody I’m back at it again. Last year sadly my grow died before I could get any goods. I’ve been mourning it all winter until now. I’m excited to show you guys my grow after 3 weeks in soil. Let me know what you guys think. Look forward to hearing from anyone. Dakushios
  4. Z

    Hello! And help! Please!

    Hello all and thanks 600 watt hps run on 75% right now topbrand potting soil fox farm grow big and call mag. 75 to 85 degrees in room with 30 to 45 rh. Plants did great until fungus gnats got me. I eradicated with 3%peroxide 1 to4 ratio of water. And then the plants started going downhill. I ran...
  5. 420downunder

    New growers joining the club!

    Hello all, We are a couple of new growers who are joining the 420 club! As we are "420downunder" we are living in the tropics of Northern Australia. We currently have out first grow on the way and about to start germinating our seeds for the second lot. Photos of our progression are...
  6. 4

    420nub Soil Unknown Grow Journal - 2013

    hello .. id like to give a small background about my self as it will explain what am doing and why am doing it ! i am a local DJ and head of a household .. i am a fan of the bud and a lover of music i was sitting down with some friends and we where talking about bud and plants .. and how...
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