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    First Time Grow

    Hey y'all! I have been lurking around on here for quite some time now, and have finally decided to go ahead and attempt to grow me a plant! Super excited for the journey! I plan on growing one auto flowering Durbon Poison in a 5 gallon Smart Pot. I will use a combination of Fox Farm Ocean...
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    Happy to have found the site

    Hello! I'm happy to have found this site as my 3rd attempted grow isn't going well. When I would type questions into my internet search bar, I kept getting directed to forums on this site so I figured it was the place to be. I live in a "medical" cannabis state which also has recreational...
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    First Grow & Advice Welcome

    I am new to growing and to this site. Setup; Indoor (closet). Strain-Hay-z (85% Sativa dominant). (1)300W LED (6W chips). 3 gallon smart pot. Temp stays around 80 degrees. Humidity fluctuates between 40 to 55%. 9th week of flowering. Soil grow with Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Nutes are from Fox Farm...
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    Just started indoors after smoking for 52 years

    I'm sick of getting ripped off and I hate the inconsistency of living in a State (Florida) where I can find decent Flower. So I'm waiting on my seeds, 600 HPS system and need all the advice you all can give me. Thanks Arthur:thumb:
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    1st Timer

    New 2 This Yo I'm Mike & I'm new around 420. So far its a great site & everyone seems to have the knowledge & tips I need to complete my first grow. I have 1 plant but topped it so really I have 2. Planted a seed I found in a baggy of stank (dro) I bought from a buddy. The stuff was great...
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    1st Timer

    New 2 This
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