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Happy to have found the site


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Hello! I'm happy to have found this site as my 3rd attempted grow isn't going well. When I would type questions into my internet search bar, I kept getting directed to forums on this site so I figured it was the place to be. I live in a "medical" cannabis state which also has recreational sales legalized. I put medical in quotes as the current environment in my state is becoming less and less hospitable to medical cannabis patients. In the past few months my rights as a patient have continued to be stripped. The limit on plants in changing in July from 15 plants to 6. With all of the drastic changes I felt compelled to grow my own. That brings me to this point now. Hoping to continue to learn and grow in this new aspect of my life.




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Hello NicGyver and welcome to :420:

You may want to consider setting up a grow journal so that people can offer advice if you are struggling. I came here looking for exactly that and it was the best move I ever made. All the best :thumb:

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Welcome. Hope we can help out. Have you posted in th3 FAQ section, most importantly is pics. Check my signature for a link for info on uploading and posting pics. Once again, welcome to the community

KiG :green_heart:
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