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    Newbie on Jack Herer auto-flower

    I dont know jack about growing or about growing Jack... so I picked an auto-flower to minimize problems, I hope. When it says 9 weeks to finish flowering, is that start to finish? germination to harvest? or just refers to flowering time alone? I'm using 2 CFL and dont know what length of time to...
  2. H

    Confused with the seed production(Newbie post)

    So, i read some stuff that got me even more confused about how are the seeds made. Truth is i never smoked quality cannabis(and boy am i eager to!) so i don't really know what's happening in "the real world". Sum of what i read: Only hermaphrodites and pollinated plants(not sure if that's...
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    Changing light cycle on auto during flowering

    Hi all!! I'm a newbie grower, currently growing my first plant, she is a Grass-O-Matic Haze GOM Autoflowering Feminised, I thought I would try to make it easy for myself considering I'm a beginner, the genetics are: SSHaze (MR.NICE) x Lowryder # 2. I am growing it in a closet with 2 led...
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