nextlight mega

  1. 818 pheno.JPG

    818 pheno.JPG

    818 Headband, Day 47 of Bloom - secondary phenotype 1 plant out of 5
  2. 818-47.JPG


    818 Headband, Day 47 of Bloom - primary phenotype
  3. Emilya Green

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Emilya

    According to the tracking information, I will have a FedEx package at my door this afternoon, so I am going to get this journal started now, so that I have a place to post the picture of the package as it arrives. Here is the traditional start of a journal picture of the finished product that I...
  4. NextLight Mega

    NextLight Mega

  5. NextLight Mega

    NextLight Mega

  6. NextLight Mega

    NextLight Mega

  7. NextLight Mega

    NextLight Mega

  8. 3D011095-2104-49D0-8E5E-E57456AED977.jpeg


    Dark Devil Auto harvest day 72
  9. BF2D879D-3A3A-4B29-87A6-56B80473CB45.jpeg


    Dark Devil Auto Harvest day 72
  10. MrSauga

    The Sauga Ends Here

    Hey everybody! So this will be my final journal here at 420 magazine. I joined back in 2018 and realized the only way to become a better grower was to learn from the pros and that meant starting a journal so others could provide help and support. I know a lot of you will find this as a surprise...
  11. StoneOtter

    Otterfarm Flooded! NextLight Mega Responsible!

    :love: Welcome :love: Secure Your Shades There's A New Light in Otterville! And I Couldn't Be Happier To Show You All! You know things are good when you can think back and say, what days have been better than this one, and birth of children come to mind. Today's one. My Nextlight Mega came...
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