1. Og kush dinafem

    Og kush dinafem

    Og kush from dinafem seeds a Bud from my Last Grow recently harvested looks incredible !
  2. P

    Noob here, is it too early for sex identification?

    I am a decent gardener but this is my first experience growing cannabis, and I am not sure whether this plant is Male, female or too early to tell. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. S


    Hello everyone! Figured it was time to start one of these. Been doing a lot of reading and research. Hopefully starting my first grow here within the month. A lot of good information here, still have a lot of reading to do. Thanks for having me.
  4. nooberson

    New Guy

    Hi Everyone! I am pretty new to this site although I have been lurking and reading your posts for a while. Kinda creepy huh? Lol anyway I have learned quite a lot from reading through your posts and experiences so I thank you for that! I do sheet metal work and am pretty handy fixing...
  5. M

    Just some questions before I start

    Hi I'm nearly set up. Just wanna sort a couple things out before I start my first grow. im growing autoflower. Not sure what seed yet. Probably might be candy kush auto or fast buds west coast OG auto. Will be ordering from herbies. 1= my tent is 80cmx80cm and 160cm tall. I'm using a mars...
  6. Y

    PH fluctuations? Noobie mistakes

    I have my first grow going I'm using sub cools super soil recipe in a 4x4 tent under leds. 4 plants total two of them are Cali Connection genetics the other two are TGA. I have done some tinkering with the ph so it has fluctuated at one time. Soon after I noticed foliage on two seemed to be a...
  7. CannaMiss44

    Noobie from the East Coast

    Hey all! Looking forward to learning and growing. Awesome site and awesome info!
  8. N

    First time grower needs help and advice please!

    hello all, this is my first time posting here so sorry if this is the wrong forum. Im a first time grower about to pick up everything i need to start. I've read and watched what seems like millions of different articles and videos about indoor growing and i still have some very real questions...
  9. N

    NobleWeed's AK47 in Soil

    Hello everyone at 420MAGAZINE. I have spent many hours looking at all of your grows and learning as much as possible. Its much better then sitting in class ALL day or being at work. This is my first grow since i got my green card. My good friend gave me some clones of his AK 47 plant that was...
  10. DROBB

    What up from Texas

    Hey all, newbie here, I was wondering if someone could tell me is it better to use bonemeal or bloodmeal during the veg stage, and then flowering. How much of a variance can I have in my light cycle. If im off half hour or so in either direction, are there if any adverse effects? Thanks for any...
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