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    NorCal Newbie

    Here’s a funny...lives in Mendo, has for a million years, is a million years old, but is new to growing and making medicine! Kinda new. I mean, I just do stuff. I thought I made up fermenting! Ha! Crawling back into my cave now. I’ll peek out when I need or can give any help! Not involved...
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    Watering guide for 30 gal Geo Pots

    This is my first time growing and I am looking for help with a watering guide. My plants are in 30 gallon geo pots with E.B. Stone 420 recipe soil and coco mulch as a soil topper, I also mixed in some peat moss and coco coir into the soil. I live in Northern California and have them growing...
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    Newbie Grower in Norcal

    Greetings, I am a new grower in Norcal, and am close to my first harvest. Fairly small grow of 12 plants all started from clones. 2 x Sour Cookies, 3 x Gorilla Glue#4 and 5 x Green Crack. 100 gallon pots using VermiFire as a grow medium. All genetics from reputable sources. GH Nutrient Flora...
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    This place is snacks

    Okay, so I always wanted to start a new word... Something to replace "fresh" and "the bomb". I'm going with "snacks". I heard someone say "that's so nectar" the other day and I said to myself "that's pretty good, but it's not snacks"... Try it out for a week, see if it's sticky. Who doesn't like...
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    Where do I begin?

    I need help in NorCal ! Fibromyalgia sufferer for 15 years and now a spinal injury with pinched nerves, I have never tried medical marajuana in any form, I know many that have. I came from a state where you can't even have lotion with a leaf on the bottle ! Crazy!!! I know from talking to others...
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    Sup From NorCal!!

    Hey everyone out there on the 420 Boards, just stopping by to introduce myself. Hope I can get some advice, tips, trade secrets, and just talk about recent events in Marijuana Legislation with some of you guys out there. I am an amatuer grower from San Joaquin County, I have had 3 previous...
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