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Here’s a funny...lives in Mendo, has for a million years, is a million years old, but is new to growing and making medicine! Kinda new. I mean, I just do stuff. I thought I made up fermenting! Ha! Crawling back into my cave now. I’ll peek out when I need or can give any help!
Not involved politically because I’m not sure yet what I think about our leaders regulating a plant. Legal isn’t always better. But, I’m open. Still prefer grows outdoors because I like to be as close to Mother as possible. Make tinctures and creams and fermented fatties, but mostly roll up a tiny piece of bud in a piece of tinfoil and take a sacred breath thrice a week or so for ritualistic centering. I’ve seen the changes in my time and it always makes me happy when this plant reaches into our brains to show us our greed, our relationship with our Natural selves, each other until finally our egos are tamed and we see the light. Thanks 420 for welcoming me ☮️☯️✌️





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707 shout out Sir, I'm in the 916/530 area. I miss going up to Willets every once in awhile. An old buddy of mine hasn't lived there in a decade so I'm sure it's changed a ton in that area. :welcome:


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