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  1. TheGrowerOfDank

    Grow tent sizing

    Hi guys not sure if I added this to the right thread, apologies if not. Fairly new to growing bud and looking to set up a tent 2.5 x 5ft. How many plants would I be able to grow at one given time in this tent whilst maximising the yield? Was hoping on doing 4 or 5.
  2. BakedARea

    BakedArea 2nd Grow Season 2020: Multiple Strains

    Last year was a tough and disappointing season. I started late but I had multiples plants that ended up getting inundated with mold/mildew and pests. It was a worthless endeavor trying to kill them off. Bottomline is I was too late in catching the issues and was not proactive enough. Got...
  3. arrigonfr

    My First Attempt Growing Indoor

    Hello everyone, I’m trying to grow some plants for the first time in an indoor (I grew one before outside), so I’m going to need some help along the process. First: I have a 24”x24”x63” tent, Apollo evolution 6 lights, a portable fan and an extractor (not using a carbon filter yet). I’ve been...
  4. B

    Pretty sure it’s nutrient burn?

    Wassup guys I’m new to this page but i was wondering if any one can help me out. This is my first ever grow and my seedlings are about 13 days old. They have yellow tips on their leaves I’m pretty sure it nutrient burn. But how can i fix it I’m using dr. Earth dry amendments in coco I’ve seen...
  5. Premiumbudzblondie

    PremiumBudzBlondie's Coco +Speed Auto Fem Grow, 2020

    -Strain: +Speed Auto Fem -Hybrid -Veg stage -1ST Day in Veg -Indoor -Closet 4'x3'x7' (Using 3x3 of it) -Coco -70% coco 30% perilite -5 Gallon Fabric Pot -MARS Hydro 1000TS -No vents in Closet -Avg 79°F -Avg 45% RH -Soil pH 6.6 -No Pest -Giving Nutes at 1/4 dose in AM and water in PM (1/2 cup...
  6. Q

    Finally legal in my state!

    I have spent lots of years keepin' it all on the down low. Sheez, I even went up to Vancouver in the mid 90's to score quality seeds because I couldn't find any in Missouri, and B.C. was the mecca in this hemisphere way back then. I'd love to see more of Canada. I've been 3 or 4 times, but...
  7. triangle

    Absolute beginner KIS organic questions

    Hey all! New grower here and I think I bit off more than I can chew.. I bought a bunch of KIS soil, amendments, and a 150 gallon geo pot. However I feel like I’ve listened and read about just simply too many methods and podcasts and weird ingredients that I’ve totally confused myself I have...
  8. T

    My Very First Time

    Hi everyone, Toke (for short) here, I hope y'all are well. I'm really excited but also trying not to get overwhelmed. As it is titled, this is my first time growing! I've been reading a great amount of information...there's ssooo much lol. Oy vey. But, I'm determined to succeed. Ordering...
  9. Vermontasf

    DWC Blue Dream First Grow Hydro

    Hi everyone very excited to post my very first grow journal! I've been smoking medicinal cannabis only about 4 years and I'm in a legal state so hopefully I can manage to get a decent yield from my 4 blue dreams seeds. I germinate these guys with the paper towel method then placed the little...
  10. BakedARea

    Finally! Here and excited to learn

    Hey everyone! I'm a newbie here and a newbie grower. I came here a while back (couple years ago) to lurk, read, and research. I was never in a good position to start my own grow. Last year, our family was fortunate enough to buy our home. I love gardening and I grow fruit and veggies our family...
  11. ItsanIsland

    British Stoner 1st Time Grow

    Brief Overview First Time UK Grower. Start date: 16-Jun-19 Populated Suburbs - limited grow space - affordable grow Would absolutely love as much help as possible as a newbie. Done as much reading as possible and doing a practice run with some seeds I purchased online. Let's see how this...
  12. Hugedallasfan

    Harvest Day

    This is my first grow auto flower that I harvested today . I went ahead and did a wet trim and she is now hanging in the dark grow closet pot,to dry. Look at those buds bro. Not bad for an auto flower.
  13. Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Water Level vs EC vs pH - and what it means.jpg

    Very useful chart for those who grow using hydroponic methods.
  14. bonez4man

    Hello, newbie with a problem

    hi there, iv grown a few times before, never in coco until this current grow. my babies are about 3 weeks in, i got 10 green gelato seeds from royalseeds and got 5 critical free. 14 popped, 9 gelato and all 5 critical all looking good. after transplanting into bigger seedling pots from the small...
  15. K

    Hayes's Autoflower Throwdown V1

    Hello, I hope everyone is having a great day, this will be my first journal. This will also be my first serious grow. I have grown a few plants here and there from bag seeds but did nothing except for water with the hose. I have purchased a few seeds from Seedsman but have had delivery...
  16. P

    Very High Humidity

    Hi All. New here. First grow. Having issues lowering my humidity. Would appreciate some experienced help. Whole setup below is in basement which is always cold, typically between 17 and 21 degrees Celcius. Intake draws from the floor outside space and exhaust exhausts outside space at...
  17. 420Eire

    I'm a new member

    Hi, I'm a new member:) check out my first ever grow, currently on day 74 and 64. They are w white widow xxl by dinafen!
  18. Hugedallasfan

    Week 3 Flowering

    This is week 3. She’s growing like a weed. She’s putting on those beautiful nugs and soon to be big buds. She’s an auto blueberry growing in coco with all natural ingredients.
  19. 20190326_060856.jpglebanese


    Repotted my babies. They were getting rootbound. Used Happy Frog and Ocean grown mixed into 2gallon pots.
  20. B

    Plant drooping issue: Help please

    Okay so my critical kush (germinated the very beggining of last month) was wilting downwards and dry soil, so of course i give it water, ph balanced, same amount as always, no nutes this time. And i go and check back on it a couple hours after and its not wilting but the leaf fingers are curling...
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