north carolina

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    Bible Belt Tokers

    We get's no love down south, and we need it. A few night's ago I came home at around two o'clock in the morning shortly followed by the police. luckily they weren't beating my door down, but my neighbors weren't so lucky. At two o'clock in the morning cops came, claiming to have search warrant...
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    Here to learn.NC

    I want to be ready when THEY allow us to grow where I live. want to partake in local rallys :popcorn: MEET PEOPLE
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    :cheertwo:Anyone have success using herb for endo? NC is considering medical legalization and I'd love to get involved in order to get it legally. I'm looking for personal accounts to back up what I helps.
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    Hey from Durham, NC!

    First timer here kinda new to the area and want to learn to grow. I'm utimately interested in getting into the baked goods business, selling brownies etc. Such a fantastic high! I wondered if you could walk me through the grow process, so I can decide if I want to either start growing my own...
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