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  1. OGeMann

    It Stinks

    What is this good for?? and is it safe to add to flower stage White Widow autos soil mix: FFOF/20% coco
  2. L

    A nutriment expert among us ? Compatibility between Topmax and Beta 23 ?

    Hi everyone ! I hope this one is a challenging one ahah. It is for me despite hours of reading so your input would be much needed and appreciated :) Here we go. The nutriments I use are: -part of the BIOBIZZ range (RootJuice, BioGrow, BioBloom, TopMax) -CANNAZYM I went to my local...
  3. K

    NPK ratio for flowering

    This is my first indoor grow and so far so good. I have started my 12/12 cycle about a week ago. I have 2 300 watt full spectrum leds in a 48x24x60 grow tent. I used a 24 8 16 npk fertilizer for veg. I was wondering which is better for flowering a 1 2 1 ratio or a 1 3 2.
  4. A

    Soil Questions

    Pro-MIX (organic vegatable and Herb mix) says it feeds up to 3 months... .30/.05/.10 NPK. question is, should I wait to feed w my TechnaFlora Nutrients or is it ok to start?
  5. C

    Stealth CFL grow 1st time - Any advice?

    i have turned my small cabinet in to a small grow op. i have 2 super hash auto pyramid seedlings one germinated on the 5 of feb the other on the 8th so far they are doing great they are under a 20x cfl and 9w both 2700k witch brings me to my first question, will i need bulbs with 6500k bulbs as...
  6. S

    Help on slight yellowing and run off is 7.2 - Pics

    Hi guys I am in need of some advice please. I am two weeks in to flower and I am starting to get the start of yellowing leaves, the strain is cbd critical mass and I am feeling them per liter 2ml bio bizz grow NPK 4-3-6, 2ml bio bizz bloom NPK 2.0 - 7 - 4 , advanced meta boost 0.5ml...
  7. farside05

    Farside05's Science Fair Project

    Here we go. Grow #5. This round I’ll be growing four Painkiller XLs by Royal Queen Seeds. It’s the first time I’m growing all of the same strain so I’m going to use the opportunity as an experiment. Here is the premise: It’s been stated by the President of Dyna-Gro (the nute line I use)...
  8. Bacondoggy

    Hey everyone - More questions from Bacondoggy lol! Questions about nutes too

    I have been so happy lately, i feel actual hope which is something i have been struggling with. I am about to start my second grow, (only half of one is as far as i got - long story). Is it too late in the season to grow? Can i take the outdoor sunlight and suppliment, but do you generally need...
  9. baxbax

    Need advise on choosing flowering nutrient

    Hello,Is this good npk for flowering ? : Hot Mix N-P-K™ | High-Analysis NPK Fertiliser
  10. W

    Yellowing - Need help please

    hi, im new here, and to growing and my plant is having some issues i think.. i did some digging and figured out it could be nytrogen difeciency so i went and bought a fertilizer (npk 7-3-6) and gave her some today, here are some pics, what do u think guys?
  11. W

    1st grow - 1st problem?

    Hey guys so, ive done alot of reading on this, im just not sure what it can be, maybe some Nytrogen failure? i got some fertilizer with 7-3-6 NPK and fed her today with it, here are some pic, what do u think?
  12. J

    Dutch Pro - NPK

    Hey guys/girls, My last grow turned into a disaster and I ended up losing the plant after a total mess up with my nutrients. I'm from the UK and am about to buy some new nutrients to try. I've been looking at the Dutch Pro Complete (Grow & bloom) A + B and I've read some good things about...
  13. jlt1202

    Nutrients Explained, How the Plant Use What you give them!

    Ok so i subscribe to the old GI Joe saying, "Knowing is half the battle!" So i was wondering what EXACTLY what the plant uses its NPK and micro/macro nutes. So in the search for the holy grail, i stumbled upon this article that i think breaks down how they uses each nute very well. Its...
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