1. Ron Strider

    Support For Marijuana Legalization Higher Than Ever. So Is Number Of People Arrested

    Though marijuana is now legal in 29 states for either medical or recreational use, the number of arrests involving marijuana have actually increased across the country. Those numbers come from the Uniformed Crime Report compiled by the FBI from data sent to the agency from law enforcement...
  2. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Workers Now Outnumber Bakers And Other Common Careers

    For an industry still in its early stages, legal marijuana already has surpassed many other businesses in generating jobs. In a new report called the Marijuana Business Factbook 2017, the marijuana industry is reported to have created 165,000 to 230,000 full- and part-time jobs in the United...
  3. Q

    Bonza seeds good or bad?

    Has anybody got seeds from bonza seeds if so any good? Germination numbers? Good harvest?
  4. xcalibur25

    Hey guys need help

    My room is 10x95x9. I am running 4 1000w with cool tubes. i am removing hot air from the lights and also have two 275 cfm bringing in fresh air. problem is my heat issue is at aroun 90-93 with the lights on and 72-74 with the lights off. what can i do to bring the heat down to manageable numbers...
  5. J

    Problems with Mel Frank's ppm calculations

    I was recently trying to introduce a new nute compound into my hydro system, and was calculating amounts needed. Anyway, I started with amu's in the Periodic Table to source weight info to arrive at my ppm results, and when I compared my results to Mel Frank's in 'Marijuana Grower's Insider...
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