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My room is 10x95x9. I am running 4 1000w with cool tubes. i am removing hot air from the lights and also have two 275 cfm bringing in fresh air. problem is my heat issue is at aroun 90-93 with the lights on and 72-74 with the lights off. what can i do to bring the heat down to manageable numbers with lights on??
ONly out vent I have is the Lights being venting by a 8 inch inline vortex. my intake is 2 275cfm fans. should i have a seperate exhaust fan from my lights
This is actually a bit out of my expertise because I don't run aircooled lights and so I'm not super familiar with that setup- but my guess is yes- you need venting for your room. You could probably skip the intake fans - switch to an out-vent and just have a passive intake. But 275 cfm would seem to me to be too small for an out vent fan for that size room.
Others can maybe offer better input though, because I might be missing something about how your aircooled light system works, and whether that 8" fan would be likely to vent the room properly as well as the lights.
Lots of people use those. You may be best to start a new thread with a more specific title. Or I suppose ask a mod to change this ones name but they're very busy- so better to just repost.
There are a billion threads with this same title and the right wanderers won't necessarily find it.
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