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  1. OGeMann

    First White Widow Auto Indoor Grow: Part 1

    4 White Widow autos: They are in 3 gal fabric pots in a 5x5x8 tent They popped up on October 11,2020: Zoom in on this one⬇️ Awesome looking this is them at 5 wks, 5 days⬇️ Soil 70-30% mix=FFOF/ coco 2: HLG 100 V2 3000K will be getting 2 more for the next grow In-line fan- 400 CFM 1- 6...
  2. ItsSalty

    Six shooter auto nutrient help

    Shoot where do I even start... today was a chaotic day. Decided to pick up a new hobby and drove to some shops and went crazy on getting stuff and now I'm super overwhelmed and anxious. The guys at the store set me up with some stuff and I don't even know how to use it.. He even said...
  3. Latitude17

    General consensus on when Week 1 actually starts?

    In my quest for "doing it right" to know when to start my nutrient feeding properly, I am reading a lot of posts and this is fairly inconsistent. The best explanation I have found so far is: So basically when your sproutling looks like this? Or wait until the cotelydons have fallen...
  4. WizHigh

    Vegging for 2 months - Measurements of Nutes for 2nd Month?

    Im getting my plants ready for the second month of veg. Im using GH FloraNova products using at 4ml per gallon. Im also using advanced nutrients "Rhino Skin" using at 10ml per gallon. And also Grandma's Molasses mixing at 1tbsp/gallon, Old Age Kelp 2tbs/gallon, Hydrozyme 10ml/gallon., and CaMg+...
  5. WizHigh

    Unknown Strain wondering if I should top? About to put in bigger pot. Help!

    T5 54w HO switching to CFL Medium Scotts soil/coco coir. Switching to organic soil/coco coir 2nd week into veg. FloraNova grow/bloom + FF Grow Big + Molasses + Age Old kelp +Super Thrive I dont know if I should start topping or let it grow normal. Dont know what strain it is. It looks...
  6. WizHigh

    Questions Questions Question!!! Off With the Fan Leaves Will it Still Grow?

    My first grow was going lovely 22 days strong. Great green color nice thick stalk and fan leaves huge. A couple days ago its mood swings start kicking in. I ddnt know what to hink so I read forums and googled a lot before making any moves to fix this problem. The problem was zinc and magnesium...
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