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  2. 97jeep

    Jeep's Indoor Garden - Ocean Grown Genetics

    Sup everyone, new to 420mag but been on GC for awhile, making the switch over. Lots of updates to come when i return home but it may be slow here for the next month. I'v been a grower for over 10 years now but still learning everyday. feel free to post your thoughts and advise as i document my...
  3. S

    Ocean Forest soil - What nutes best to use?

    hello, please help me with some experienced growers out there that use fox farm ocean forest soil. i would like to know what nutrients are best to use? i just harvested my very first grow, and with much struggle overall was very happy with the end result of the buds. i used miricle grow...
  4. Crianza

    Nectar for the Gods Soil Input

    I have been checking out different soils lately as was wondering if anyone has any experience using this soil, either the #4 or #8 mix. It seems to be comparable to FoxFarms Ocean Forest and wondering if its pretty hot as well or not and maybe what the ph is. :thumb:
  5. beez0404

    To Fox Farm Ocean Forest or not to Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Guys I am like a newborn here and would love some advice from experienced gardeners. I am getting ready to try my hand with a couple potted plants on my patio. Right now I am in the "planning" stages, getting my act together. I have been doing much reading but I will never be one of those...
  6. P

    Pstarsr - 2016 - 4th Round LED & CFL Cabinet Grow - Soul Assassin

    Starting the new journal, I have two soul assassin ( bag seeds) in paper towels. Just picked up a bag of fox farm ocean forest soil. And A 2 gal eco pot Couple more days and I'll plant the seedlings.
  7. Grow17

    Burnt & Drying Leaves

    I've had this happen on 2 grows now. The 1st was due to heat from LED's I've since switched to 4 ft 8 lamp T5's using 3200K Cool White {Red} for flower mode. I use FF schedule in Ocean Forest soil. The tops are 8" from the bulbs and I can leave my hand right on the bulbs without getting burned.
  8. WasabiBuddha

    I need help with lighting

    I have 2 300 watt MarsHydro LED lights, I will be planting 3 Master Kush and 3 White Rhino. All this is in Ocean Forest and in a 4 x 4 x 80 tent. Do yall think I have enough light for a veg and flower cycle?
  9. X

    Fox Farm Ocean Forest & Promix BX Biofungicide mychorizae 50/50 mix?

    was thinking of making a mix of the fox farm ocean forest and promix bx biofungicide anyone think that this would work good?
  10. R

    My First Grow!

    It's my first grow and I'm looking to journal it , and get some advice from you guys Seed is auto dark purple from delicious seed bank Running 2 , 65 watt cfls 5 gallon pot fox farm ocean forest and distilled water It was planted on Friday so it's been 3 days
  11. C

    Opinions needed - Start nutes yet or hold off?

    strain: widow medium: fox farms ocean forest/perlite lighting: 300W LED main with CFL supplement, running gas light routine water: spring water I could really use some guidance on when to begin a nutrient regimen. My plant is 48 days from seed, and I plan to stay in veg until day 60 before...
  12. KnottyDread

    400W LED - Fox Farm Ocean Forest - 2 Clones

    Wassup yall.....finally got a grow tent and some LED lights for my second grow. Im going wirh 2 clones forsure and 2 bag seed of some fire I come across from time to time..so far the lucky winneris some Royal Glue that germinated first. Any advice and help is highly appreciated!!!!! What...
  13. C

    Mayday Mayday! Need Help!

    Two days after up-potting this widow seedling Tuesday 4/12 into a 3 gallon Smart pot with more Ocean Forest/Perlite mix and feeding with 1/3rd strength Big Bloom + Grow Big in distilled water, the bottom leaves on this otherwise healthy green plant quickly yellowed and this morning started...
  14. C

    My seedling has small white spots - Please help

    Okay so I noticed these small white spots on 3 of my seedlings and I'm not sure what's causing them, or if they are even something I should be worried about. I'm using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, watering with distilled water ph'd to 6.0 about 2-3 inches under a 250 watt CFL. They haven't...
  15. J

    Cal-Mag Issue?

    Hi - Total Newbie here: I Noticed a bit of browning just yesterday that has increased today. Looking through the threads here seems it could be a Cal-Mag issue? I'm using bottled water; the PH is around 6. No additional nutes have been added. Before I make this diagnosis I would...
  16. I

    New grower trying to start tomorrow morning

    Hi I am a new grower i am starting to start my seedling tomorrow morning and i was wondering.what are the procedures i have to take to be able to plant my seedlings into the soil. Do i have to moisten the soil? How should i do that? I am using happy frog for.the seedlings should i add anything...