1. SweetSue

    Hempy Headquarters

    Ultra Dawg (Day 86, flip + 18) I potted up a clone of Thin Mint GSC today, the latest of my hempy plants, and dropped a new seed in another hempy cup, a Blue Dream, the genetic product of MagicJim's talented hands. :battingeyelashes: :Love: I'm hoping I can make the Blue Dream as healthy...
  2. R

    Osmocote Flower Vegetable Plant Food

    Hello – am new here and recently started growing again after moving to Colorado. Have a quick question regarding using Osmocote Flower & Vegetable (NPK @ 14/14/14) in containers - specifically how much would you use in a 5 gallon pot? My grow medium is organic soil (typically purchased at a...
  3. Major PITA

    Graph of Osmocote+ Time Release at High and Low Temperatures

    I hope this is the correct place to post this. No idea if others will find it interesting or useful. I read a few times that Osmocote can be "shut down" by lowering temperatures a little. I was interested to see what the effect of temperature really is on this CRF. I made up a solution of 2%...
  4. G

    First Hempy Pot Run - TRF's + Supplements - Advice Welcome

    So, after reading several grow journals documenting Hempy Pots, I have decided to give it a shot. I am especially interested in trying a few HempyPots with Time Released Ferts(i.e. osmocote) as outlined by DocBud in one of his grow journals. I am thinking of trying a mix of Osmocote+, Dynamite...
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