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outdoor auto grow

  1. NL-Auto-LifEnd2+6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  2. NL-Auto-LifEnd6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  3. T

    What strain is suitable for growing outdoors in Southeast Asia?

    Hi 420 group , i'm looking for photo and auto seeds,Which strain is good for growing outdoor in this condition. Sunshine 06.00 -19.00 in summer (total 13 hrs.) in Winter 06.00 -18.00 (12hrs.) Summer temperature 32 c-37 c ( 89 f - 98 f ) Winter 25c - 30 c ( 77f - 86f ) Northern light is one of...
  4. J

    Outdoor grow

    Hi I just bought 5 seeds of auto flowering northern lights,I'm planning on growing them outdoors this summer just to give them a try,does anyone have any tips and info on nutrients to buy and pot sizes things like that?much appreciated
  5. Justin Goody

    13goody13's PNW Indoor LED vs Outdoor Grow: Tangerine Dream AF & Gorilla Glue AF

    Using up the rest of my seeds, and definitely ready to explore some different seed companies and newer, more exciting strains. For now I figured I could try a comparison grow using the @carcass favorite budget Oneo LED indoors, and the great Pacific Northwest natural sunlight to grow outdoors. I...
  6. M

    Outdoor Autoflower Colder Climate.

    Hi I was wondering if there are any autoflower strains in europe that can be grown under following temeratures: Day between 8 and 34 celsius and night between 4 and 18 celsius. If there are any can you recommand me something that grows bigger then 10 grams dry per plant. Thank you in advance...
  7. Wallanaise the Haze

    First Time: Outdoor Grow

    Hi All, So i have finally decided to try out my first grow now im the proud owner of a small garden. Unfortunately i have no room in my house for an indoor grow so i have no choice but to risk an outdoor grow with the British Summer (which as of late has been very good, hence trying this out)...
  8. IMG_20190721_122820.jpg


    Zkittles auto doing very well , looking super happy after last night's watering
  9. Blueberry Bliss auto ,big one

    Blueberry Bliss auto ,big one

    Biggest of my outdoor Blueberry Bliss autos. She smells like grapes
  10. Whoberry Haze #2 likes the outdoors

    Whoberry Haze #2 likes the outdoors

    She responded well to the harsh treatment.
  11. Tiny Auto

    Tiny Auto

    Blueberry Bliss auto fem, smallest of the five
  12. Blueberry Bliss auto fem

    Blueberry Bliss auto fem

    From Vision Seeds, this one is the tallest of the five.
  13. Blueberry Bliss auto outside

    Blueberry Bliss auto outside

    Blueberry Bliss autos growing well
  14. Bloody Skunk

    Bloody Skunk

    Sweet Seeds "Bloody Skunk"
  15. C9E7616E-A2F7-4918-BBC3-76D49DE7FEA3.jpeg


    My funky bud of Brooklyn sunrise auto no light got it . Lesson learned sorry vault my bad next time
  16. Outdoor Runt Grow & Sample! My very first outdoor garden.

    Outdoor Runt Grow & Sample! My very first outdoor garden.

    Outdoor Runt Grow & Sample! My very first outdoor garden.
  17. 8F4A11FA-D606-4A6F-9FE9-02D63A3F7D7B.jpeg


    Brooklyn sunrise auto about day 7 will say for her since planted directly into fluffed up soil mix organic attempt . Thanks the vault for making this happen ✊
  18. Kassquatch

    Kassquatch's First Time Early Miss Auto Fem Full Outdoor In Planter - May 2018

    First timer here! I started 2 seeds off on my own website doing a journal 3-4 weeks ago but I somehow (well I know how) killed 2 seeds because I do not have a green thumb. So I figured I will post here to a) get some tips, and b) show people just because why not. Before I get to my journal, I...
  19. F

    AK-74 Autoflower Outdoors Norcal Sept 1 - Let's See What This Does!

    OK, I ordered some seed from NASB north american seed bank. I ordered on 8-10 I received the beans on 8-25. I planted the first seed on 8-27 and she popped about three hours ago!
  20. PuffnPuggle

    LST for outdoor?

    This is my first grow, using auto Lemon Haze in containers with FFOF...I have done my research, but why is it that LST is always listed as to improve production INDOORS? Is it because the sun is so strong it will reach the lower branches automatically or is it just to be assumed it is for...
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