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  1. MaggiesFarm

    MaggiesFarm - Outdoor Container - Bubblelicious Auto-Fem Soil Grow

    Welcome to my 2nd grow journal of the summer! This time I'm trying Nirvana Bubblelicious Auto-Fem beans. Number of plants - all 5 seeds sprouted but I dropped 1 and killed it What strain is it? - Bubblelicious Autoflowers, feminised seeds from Nirvana Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What...
  2. M

    MrPeab's Outdoor Grow Journal - 2013

    Central Valley of California Soil is Sandy Loam with Black Gold Waterhold used when plants were put into the ground. Currently 28 Plants 14 Sour Diesel (feminized seeds germinated by me starting last week of March) 5 White Widow (cloned by close friend) 3 Purple Sour Diesel (Supposed clones...
  3. WestBlunts


    Would Liquid Karma, Superthrive, Alaska Fish Ferts, And Pure Blend be a good veg feeding setup?
  4. WestBlunts

    Superthrive & Liquid Karma Help?

    I want to put my Blue Dream from seed on Liquid Karma & Superthrive to help promote root mass. Is this a good idea? If it is, can I put her on both at the same time?(not in the same gallon of water though) or which one first and at what amounts... -Sprouted 7/18/12 -FFoF soil(transplanted...
  5. G

    Outdoor grow help

    I am moving to Central America to live on a farm in the middle of no where. I have more than 15 acres of land, most of which we use for growing corn and pasture for cows. the soil is very good and everything grows nice out there. I want to grow like 3 or four plants just for me personal. The...
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