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    6 inches of growth in 10 days! (Outdoor to Indoor LED grow)

    This is my very first indoor grow. We moved our Super Skunk indoors at 7 weeks and ordered our first grow light (500w Mars Hydro) and she is soooo damn healthy! I'm so proud! I wasn't sure how she would do going from all day sun outdoors to a 12/12 schedule indoors with an LED. I tried to find...
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    Vision Super Skunk 7 Weeks - Outdoor To Indoor

    My husband and I received a free feminized Vision Super Skunk seed a while back from TSSC and totally forgot about it... and one day, when I found it in the cabinet, I decided to just go ahead and germinate it (Mid August). We started it in a 25 gallon pot with Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil and...