Vision Super Skunk 7 Weeks - Outdoor To Indoor


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My husband and I received a free feminized Vision Super Skunk seed a while back from TSSC and totally forgot about it... and one day, when I found it in the cabinet, I decided to just go ahead and germinate it (Mid August). We started it in a 25 gallon pot with Fox Farms Ocean Forrest soil and sat her outside. Just basically letting her do her own thing.

She surprised us!! She sprouted up and out and we started to get really excited about her potential. I believe she will be our highest yielding plant this year! You see, we had a few issues with unintentional topping this year... (I saw a baby turkey that I just HAD to have at the feed store... and well, in case you ever wondered... turkey's LOVE weed! He topped ALL of our plants for us at 3 weeks! haha! really wasn't funny at all at the time and I have since learned, I do not like turkey's as much as I like chickens. There is a reason his name is "Thanksgiving"... his days are numbered!!)

Our lost little late-season super skunk was coming along quite nicely. And then, October hit... and we had 3 straight days of zero sunlight and constant rain, with no discernible end in sight. The whole time, she's sitting in the garage to keep from drowning and we're starting to wonder what to do. Thus began our transition from outside growers to inside growers.

So far, it's kind of overwhelming. There is A LOT of info out there about indoor growing. I personally enjoy growing outdoors but I can see where this could get equally addicting (and like way stupid expensive) so we shall see. To be completely honest, I love personal MMJ farming and chicken farming about the same and if I could bring my chickens indoors... I totally would so I don't really know why it took me this long to get on board with indoor growing (but my husband seems to be stoked about it!).

So, now we have her 25 gallon pot inside a shower stall (that no one ever uses) in a bathroom that also, never gets used. When we realized we were officially moving her indoors, we went ahead and ordered a 500-watt Mars Hydro LED grow light to get us started. We currently have her on a 12/12 light cycle (8am-8pm) and a fan on her. I plan on lining the shower stall with mylar, I just haven't made a trip to the store yet.

She's doing really well, so far. We moved her indoors at week 7 and we are seeing signs of her starting to pre-flower. I'm pretty excited about this and seeing what she will do...


Is there anyone else on here that has grown Vision seeds super skunk? It was a freebie but at 8 weeks she has open flowering nodes everywhere. I did top her at 4 weeks so that could have delayed the flowering cycle. Has anybody ever started a plant outdoors nd then brought them in to flower under an led light? Any comments would be greatly appreciated even if they are you own experiences. Thanks ahead for any info. by the way the seed didn't specify if it was autoflowering or not it just stated it was a feminized seed.
Hope all is well in your world.

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